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Important SEO Factors

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Before going into a deeper analysis of the tools and ‘tricks’ to optimally position your website, I would like to recap, in my opinion, the most important and relevant SEO factors to Google.

Important SEO factors that you should consider

 SEO Off page

 Domain Age

The domain age is highly influential in positioning your website. Indexing a particular keyword is rather simple from a domain older than ten years than it is for a newly registered domain.

That is why many SEO experts and professionals invest valuable time in looking for domains that have antiquity and therefore have already gained strength. I promise to go into more depth in another post about how to find and buy domains that have expired, but display the high strength of their domain (Domain Authority), so that you can take advantage of this leverage in different ways.

You can see the authority of the domain for free with Google Chrome SEO quake. In the next picture we see that the domain as.com was registered February 29, 2000:


Link Diversity

As you know, having external links that direct to your website is important to position your project. I emphasize that it is not the same to receive one hundred links from the same website as it is to receive a link from a hundred different domains. The diversity of your links is an important factor to consider, although I do not advise getting links from any website.

In my opinion, the quality of those links is more important than the quantity. That is, to receive a link from the BBC is better than receiving many links from low-quality websites. I also promise to write another post about which quality links will survive over time and which you should get for your projects.

Links from different IPs

The Google algorithm identifies whether the links that direct to your site come from the same IP. This may be due to the ‘SEO expert’ who may have created a network of blogs to link to a major project and made the major mistake of creating this network of blogs from the same IP.

Today, Google is able to identify it. With the MOZ extension we are able to see the IP of a particular domain for free.

MOZ-Factores-SEO importantes-Germán-Cabello

Edu and gov domains

Get links from the edu and gov extensions to considerably improve the positioning of your project. Google very positively values this type of domain extension and, although it is difficult to get these links from government or education sites, it is definitely worth a try.

Authority of domains from which you receive links:

We can see the authority of the domain through:

  • The Pagerank (PR) is a rating scale from 0 to 10 that establishes Google and indicates the strength of your domain. The higher, the stronger the domain is.
  • We can see it with the SEO quake extension ‘Domain Authority’ (DA) which is an index from 0 to 100 that, like the PR, shows the strength of the domain. You can see it with the MOZ extension.
  • Alexa Rank is, to put it simply, a ranking of all of the domains classified according to the number of visits to the website. According to the August 2014 update, the top 5 in world rankings is:
    • Google
    • Facebook
    • Youtube
    • Yahoo
    • Baidu

Links competitors

I would like to emphasize the importance of getting links from domains that have the same theme as your project, and if they are already well positioned sites, even better.

Mentions on social reds

Very important factor. This is an aspect that Google each time has more in mind and that companies are taking more seriously. The interaction of your content on social networks benefits the positioning of your website. Above all, and not surprisingly, the Google + network

Anchor texts

Variety of Anchor texts on the portal:



SEO on page.


Try to simplify the URLs and make them friendly and full of keywords. The further to the left the keyword is the better.


Google takes into account the first 70 characters of your title. The same goes for URLs, the more left the keyword is, the better we position the page.

 H1, H2, H3…

You must also insert keywords in titles, especially in the h1 and h2.


You should strongly consider introducing keywords in the Alt and titles of images


The text of your project greatly influences how your website is positioned. In the case of electronic commerce, indexing of keywords in texts within a product category or tab would help to position your project. In the case of a blog, it is important to try and repeat the keyword and its synonyms throughout the text.

 Meta descriptions

 Although the meta descriptions help, of course, to improve the position, I think that we should construct our own meta descriptions thinking to increment the CTR and not the positioning. Only a maximum 156 characters!


Duplicated content

 Never copy and paste from other website as it is penalized.

404 Errors

Do not delete obsolete websites. Instead, redirect 301 to the homepage or another related page that helps us harness the strength of the page. The strength of a particular page is the PA (Page Authority).

Technical factors

 Charging Time

 If it can be less than three seconds, the better.  We can see it in https://tools.pingdom.com/fpt/.

Having a Sitemap

Allow access to robots

Rich Snippets

 Structured data facilitate search engines understand the content of a page and, in addition, will help them to increment the CTR.


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