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Which external links should you get for your project?

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As you all well know, the external links that direct to your website, such as a link from a story in the newspaper, is one of the most important SEO aspects to position your website in search engines.

Google takes into account the backlinks (external links), so that the quality of those links benefit your website, while poor quality external links will harm its positioning.

For this reason, in today’s post I will focus on external links that direct to your website that either benefit or harm your project and which are the ‘perfect links’ that you should get, because they will never be penalized by Google.

External thinks that will survive future Google penalties

 – Domain level:

    • Domains with original names
    • The domain relies on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google +…
    • Newsletters are available
    • Quality web design
    • ‘About us’ page
    • The website has not been created solely for short-term positioning in search engines
    • Domains with names used exclusively for quick positioning such as: ‘buy-furniture.com’
    • No social buttons or followers on social networks
    • Website has only text and hardly any images
    • Their URLs, Titles and h’x’ are only keywords like ‘buy cheap furniture’
    • It has many outbound links from the Footer or Blogroll.

 -Level of content

    • The text has no typos
    • Each article has a concrete topic
    • Meaningful content
    • You learned something concrete
    • It is content you would personally share over social networks
    • Includes photos and videos
    • The article discusses various themes all at once
    • The reader does not gain anything from the articles
    • There are no photos and/or videos

-Link Level:

    • The outbound link make sense and direct to a related website
    • The Anchor Text (keyword where the link is) seems natural
    • Links to websites that add to the initial content and do not always link to the same site
    • Links are placed where they should not be or does not make sense, for example ‘the photos are…’
    • The Anchor Texts are overly exaggerated keywords
    • They repeatedly link to the same page from the same content
    • It is too obvious that a link has been bought or was constructed solely for SEO

 The ‘perfect’ link

  •  From a blog with a lot of authority in the domain and that is your same niche in the market. If your website is about clothing, achieve links from textile pages.
  • You link from within the article, because your content adds something to the article and enriches it.
  • The link does not come from an exact keyword: ‘best coat’
  • The content from which you link is widely shared in social networks.

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