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Flippa, buying and selling of website

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A couple weeks ago I came across Flippa, an exciting new website that has not been done before. Since then, I have not stopped visiting it so as to see how they developed websites that have sold for over $50,000.

In this post I will try to explain how we can find new business ideas and how we might develop such projects in the Spanish market.

What is Flippa?

Flippa is a site that allows users to buy and sell digital assets (domains, webpages and apps). In this marketplace you can purchase at a reasonable price, the domain you are looking for your site or buy a complete Ecommerce through auctions.

Flippa allows you to:

  • Purchase domain
  • Purchase web pages
  • Sell Apps

How to make money on Flippa?

I’m going to focus on talking about the sale of web pages:

  • As a seller, Flippa offers great opportunities to sell your website and invest money in your next digital project. In order to sell your website you must attach all types of documents, such as Google analytics stats, profits from Adsense, Paypal Verified payments, etc. These documents must prove the authenticity of your website as buyers pay attention mainly to traffic, income and the current SEO situation of your website.

FLippa estadisticas, germancabello.com

  • As a buyer, you have to bid on the purchase of the website that you want. The Marketplace offers a fantastic opportunity for SEO experts because analyzing the traffic stats and income and making a website SEO audit of such web tools like Sistrix or SEOMoz, will determine if the website has the ability to improve and if it can be optimized for greater organic traffic and therefore, increase its current revenue.

Flippa, Google Analitics - germancabello.com

Flippa, inspiring ideas

Now, if we don’t want to spend a lot of money, Flippa can serve as ‘inspiration’ to find new business ideas and market niches, in addition to analyzing the reasons why some of these pages get high income depending on the colors used, where they place the ad and which products sell in their purchasing process.

To see the best ideas on Flippa we should go to the section ‘Just Sold’, where we observe that all the web pages recently sold. In this section we can find excellent ideas that imitate them, focusing them on the Spanish market.

Recién vendidos en Flippa- germancabello.com

Adapt projects to the Spanish market

We can use Flippa in an imaginative way that allows us to generate significant revenues without investing a lot of money. As we have seen, Flippa allows you to analyze and find out why some pages are getting higher incomes or visits, allowing you to detect business opportunities and customize them to the Spanish market.

All of the pages that are sold on Flippa are in English and are focused on that market. Being able to analyze all of the information mentioned above, we can adapt some projects.

To adapt the Flippa website, we use wpthemedetector. This tool allows you to analyze how web pages are built in wordpress, enabling you to discover themes and plugins using the web.

WPTD - EL blog de Germán Cabello

To do this, we just have to paste the URL into WPTD and we see:


Now all that’s left for us to do is create it in Spanish and follow the guidelines to achieve an excellent SEO.


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