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Sistrix Optimizer Module

Last week I was investigating the Sistrix Optimizer with my good friend and great professional Antonio Oliver, Head of Online Marketing Reebok Sports Club gym. Before we begin to analyze the module, you have the opportunity to see the basic functional level of this Sistrix tool through the following link:

Choose your keywords

The first thing we did was select a series of keywords that we thought were relevant to Reebok Sport gym. We did a keyword search study based on the search volume and competition for those keywords to analyze if the website is properly optimized and well-positioned in Google.

Optimizer module

Once we introduced the relevant keywords we selected specifically for the gym (a total of 136 keywords) and their direct competitors, the Sistrix Optimizer gave us the following information.


First, we see a very visual graphic on the evolution of the selected keywords over a period of time, always in comparison to the competition.

Modulo Optimizer Sistrix

In the chart above we see the rate of visibility of the keywords. As we see in the photo, Reebok Sport is much better positioned than its competitors, in relation to the 136 previously selected keywords.

In addition, the Sistrix Optimizer provides information on the position of the keywords entered as well as the won or lost positions in relation to the previous week. See the photo below.

palabras clave modulo optimizer sistrix

It also allows us to analyze the position of each and every one of the keywords analyzed and the destined URL. The photo below is an example of part of the 136 keywords analyzed.

keywords modulo optimizer sistrix


In the Links section, we note the following information:

  • Number of links that link to our website
  • Number of different domains
  • Number of different IPs
  • Number of Networks

links modulo optimizer sistrix

  • New pages that have linked to us in the last week
  • Analysis of Anchor texts Pages with most links
  • Detecting the number of times the content of your website is sharedNumber of newly shared URLs Most URLs shared

analisis de enlaces modulo optimizer sistrix

On Page

To me, this section in particular is the one that I find most interesting of the Sistrix Optimizer module. In this section we can detect Onpage SEO errors of your website, such as duplicate content, 404 error pages, images without ALTs , lack of definition of headers H’x ‘, meta descriptions or non-optimized titles or unfound JavaScript files.

  • Errors
  • Warnings
  • Advice

SEO Onpage Modulo optimizer sistrix

We can detect which are the exact URLs that need to be optimized. For the gym, Reebok Sport La Finca, one of the areas for improvement it is that it has 1,721 URLs without a defined meta-description. This section allows us to identify which of those pages in order to modify them later on.

metadescripciones modulo optimizer sistrix


  • Search HTML: This lets you find the HTML code that you need of all the crawled URLs allowing you to detect, for example, if all the scan codes like that of Google Analytics are embedded in each and every page of your website.

codigo html modulo optimizer sistrix


  • Expert mode: It provides detailed information on all titles and number of characters of your website, load time and size of every page on your website.

modo experto modulo optimizer sistrix

Server Performance

To analyze the performance of your server.

rendimiento de servidor modulo optimizer sistrix


This section detects new activities of your competitors such as the publication of new articles, discover new competitors that we had not contemplated or view the visibility index of the project.

comppetidores modulo optimizer sistix


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