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How do you find strong domains for your project?

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The week before we analyzed the Xenu tool. Today I would like to delve into a specific utility of this tool that requires a more profound analysis.

A few weeks ago I spoke with my friend Carlos Diaz, the director of The Post of the Day, and we discovered a very useful trick: find very strong expired domains free through Xenu with Pagerank and DA.

In my opinion, it is much better, as SEO positioning is concerned, to reuse expired domains that accumulate considerable domain strength than to buy a new domain, in spite of the ‘punch’ we believe that the name may have.

The primary motive is that through an expired domain that already displays its strength, we can index key words easily and achieve a better position in search engines than we would with a new domain, now that we would count on a domain with authority in the eyes of Google. This authority depends on the originality and/or luck that we have at the hour of analyzing domains with Xenu.

Steps to find expired domains in Xenu.

  • To find expired domains on Xenu we will focus exclusively on those external links that show the information ‘No such host’. Those are the  domains that have already expired and in that case, we received a link from Abc.
  •  When Xenu finishes analyzing all of the links we will focus solely on the broken links. To find them more easily we will click on View and ‘Show broken links only’ or CTR + B.
  • Analyze domains that have much authority: principally domains of newspapers, universities (.edu) or government domains (.gov). to find expired domains in Xenu. What we achieve in doing this is finding domains that received external links from pages with a lot of authority such as: abc.es.
  • Xenu allows us to visualize those expired domains we found and examine how they were in the past, before the webpage expired. We can see it by opening the page in ‘Wayback Machine’ to find the expired domains on Xenu.
  • Once we have a list of expired domains we will analyze its PR and DA to know which of them interests us the most for our project.

Which domains interest us?

  •  Expired domains with a DA higher than 25
  • Domains that have a web with a structure similar to that we hope to create. We can see that through the Xenu option of opening it in the ‘Wayback Machine’.


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