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Free SEO Extensions for professionals

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This week I will talk about the free SEO extensions that anyone dedicated to SEO positioning should have installed in his browser. Let me give you an example of Microsoft Spain to explain the functionality of the extensions in a more illustrative way.

Extension Mozbar

This free SEO extension works in Google Chrome and Firefox. Mozbar allows you quick access while browsing any website to relevant information such as:

  • Onpage SEO elements of the page where we can see the metadata, headers h ‘x’, alts, bolded words.

Extensiones SEO gratuitas - Mozbar

  • General attributes such as: page load time, canonical so as to avoid duplicate content, IP, country.

Herramientas SEO gratuitas German Cabello

  • SEO metrics such as DA, PA, external links…

Métricas-SEO-Extensiones gratis - German cabello

  • State of the page. Allows you to see redirects that have been made, if any have been made to the webpage that we are particularly analyzing.


  • One particular aspect that I like a lot about this extension is the possibility to see all of the follow, no follow, internal and external links on the page that you want, highlighting in different colors the state of said links.


  •  Interaction of the analyzed website discussed on social networks.

Extensiones SEO gratuitas - German cabello

 SEO Quake

SEO Quake can be installed in the browsers Chrome, Firebox, Opera and Safara. It is a free extension that gives us the following information:

  •  Onpage SEO Information page for analysis. We can see the metadata, number of external and internal links and the server used.


  •  SEO metrics estimates the authority and web traffic and PR, Alexa rank, backlinks, organic traffic calculated by SEMRush, social media interaction, domain age, etc.


  • Keyword Density on page analyzed. It analyzes keywords separately of one word, two words and a long tail.


Rank Checker

Rank checker is a free SEO extension of positioning that is only available on Mozilla Firefox. It is used toanalyze the position of indexed keywords in a particular domain. This extension is without a doubt the one I use and like the most.

Introduces the keywords and domain you want to analyze. Rank Checker will automatically return to you a list with the position of the keywords entered in the search engines you want. This information also can be exported to Excel to analyze the weekly changes of each and every one of your keywords.


Alexa Bar

Alexa gives us an updated ranking of all websites that exist within the classified network, among other factors, by the number of visits to the website. Through this ranking we can estimate the traffic of the website.

  • Alexa Ranking
  • Charging time
  • Sites that link to you


Note Anywhere

This free SEO extension allows you to place permanent notes on any website you choose in order to remind any information you consider relevant and remember that information any other time you visit the page where you placed the note.

notas-permanentes-Extensiones SEO gratuitas

Check my links

Check my links is very useful to test all the links on your page and find broken links with this free SEO extension.


Redirect Path

Redirect path will return the status code of the web that you are analyzing. It is very useful to see if the page you’re looking at has a permanent (302) or (301) temporary redirect.


Domain Hunter

This free SEO extension allows you to view all links associated with the analyzed page and find out if the domain that directs the link is available to quickly assess the possible purchase of the domain.


Domain Hunter also allows you to export all the information to Excel in order manage data more easily.



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