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Yandex Webvisor: How do users interact on your website?

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Yandex Webvisor

Today, I’d like to introduce a very interesting function of the biggest search engine in Russia, Yandex. In particular, I am going to talk about a free tool of Yandex called Metrica!

Yandex is the leading search engine in the Russian market, above the American giant Google. This Russian tool also has its own web analytics program. In today’s post, I am not going to analyze the Russian tool very deeply, but I would like to introduce a very interesting and free UX tool for everyone that wants to see how users are behaving on their website: Yankex Metrica.

Yandex Metrica allows you to analyze and discover, in a very visual way, how a visitor surfs your website.

As you could see, we can analyze how the user interacts on your website, allowing us to know very important aspects like:

  • Why did the user leave my website?
  • Do visitors read my posts?
  • What was the last sentence that the user saw?

… and all of this is completely free!!!

So, as an anecdote, after analyzing the visitors of my website, I have detected that a large amount of readers scroll down directly to see the comments and once they have read them, they decide whether or not to read the post in its entirety. That fact made me realize that comments on your website are a very powerful section that you should pay very close attention to.

Imagine the impact that it could have in a larger ecommerce site!

Do not hesitate to ask me if you have any doubts installing it… and remember that I have recorded your visit!


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