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Due to the success of last week’s post about how to find keywords for SEO professionals, beating the record of visits, I’ve decided to write about all the tools I know, some free and some not, that will allow us to find those keywords that we are looking for for our project.

Google Adwords – FREE

Herramienta de palabra clave - Google planner

This is without a doubt the most reliable tool for analyzing keywords. This tool, from an organic perspective, allows you to:

  • Find new ideas related to the keyword analyzed
  • Find the search volume of a keywords list
  • Search Volume of keywords month by month
  • Competition
  • CPC
  • Search Trends

Google Trends – FREE

Herramienta de palabra clave - Google trends

Is an excellent Google tool where we see the trend of the keyword analyzed locally, nationally or internationally.

We can compare multiple keywords to in order to see illustrated their tendencies and obtain keywords that will increase your volume in Google searches.

Semrush – PAYMENT

Herramienta de palabra clave - Semrush

This fantastic keyword tool can provide you a great report of related keywords and a study of your competitors. Semrush allow us to find:

  • Thousands of words synonymous to the key theme of interest
  • Volume search
  • Competition
  • CPC
  • Trend
  • Number of copies of each keyword

Sistrix – PAYMENT

Herramienta de palabra clave - Sistrix

Sistrix is quickly getting into the Spanish market. It is very useful to achieve a more focused list of keywordsand above all, to see the index of visibility of a particular company or project blog on Google through very illustrative graphics.

It allows us to see:

  • Traffic or search volume
  • Competition
  • Traffic Trend
  • CPC

One feature that I like in this SEO tool is the ability to see the evolution of a particular keyword over time, watching the ranking evolution of its key competitors.

Herramienta de palabra clave - evolucion sistrix

Keyword Spy – PAYMENT

Herramienta de palabra clave - keyword spy

Keyword Spy easily understands the landscape of our competitors discovering its beneficial PPC and Organic strategies allowing it to search data as powerful as search domain, keywords or

Ubersuggest – FREE

Herramienta de palabra clave - Ubersuggest

Aunque Ubersuggest no nos proporciona el volumen de búsquedas, competencia o tendencias de palabras clave, sí que es una buena herramienta para conseguir de manera gratuita un listado de palabras clave sinónimas a la palabra clave introducida.

Keywordtool.io – FREE

Herramienta de palabra clave - Keyword tool io

I found this keyword tool this past week after its founder wrote me a Tweet in response to last week’s article.

Herramienta de palabra clave - twitter

I’ve been testing the tool and must say it works in a faster and more intuitive way than Ubersuggest, and therefore, I highly recommend it. Like Ubersuggest, Keywordtool.io it provides you a list of keywords related to the keyword analyzed.


Herramienta de palabra clave - Soovle

This incredibly interesting keyword tool suggests us a list of keywords for different search engines (Google, Amazon, Bing, Ebay, Wikipedia…)

Wordtracker – PAYMENT

Herramienta de palabra clave - wordtracker

Wordtracker finds the best keywords related to your keywords along with its search volume and competition

Keywordbuzz – Free Program

Herramienta de palabra clave - keyword buzz

Keywordbuzz  is a keyword search software that helps you find keywords easily. You can analyze the demand and supply of any niche market within minutes and tap into hidden markets.

Keyword Eye

Herramienta de palabra clave - Keyword Eye

Keyword Eye is a keyword tool that provides you information relevant to the competition.

  • New keyword ideas
  • Competition
  • Trend keyword

SEO Book Keyword Tool – PAYMENT

Herramienta de palabra clave - SEO BOOK

SEOBook is a comprehensive tool that provides:

  • Volumes search for Google and the Bing search network.
  • Related keyword search
  • Provides links to tools like Google AdWords estimate or Google Trends.

Market Samurai – PAYMENT

Herramienta de palabra clave - Market Samurai

Among many things, Market Samurai allows you to discover which keywords you should focus on and which should be avoided.

Long Tail Keyword-Tool – PAYMENT

Herramienta de palabra clave - Keyword long tail

This fantastic tool helps you discover long tail keywords by allowing you to find a high conversion of keywords with low competition levels.

SEOlium – Not Free

SEOlium herramienta SEO

SEOlium is a great SEO tool to track your keywords. I like how the tool displays the charts in a very simple way, which allows you to visualize how your business keywords stand against your competitors.

If you know more tools do not hesitate to share!


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