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CTR is the new king

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This past September Searchmetrics released a report about new SEO factors worth considering for the future. This German company tends to release reports around every 6 months about new steps that SEO professionals should follow. To elaborate, this report analyzes 300,000 domains and investigates which new SEO factors have influenced the change in positions.

Last week I mentioned which are the main factors you should consider in SEO positioning. In today’s post I will explain, in a complementary manner, the main changes that these German masters specify, so that we can anticipate our competition.

CTR + Bounce-back rate + Time on page

The most important change is CTR. The Click Through Rate is an indicator that lets us see the percentage of clicks divided by the number of impressions. Basically, the CTR tells us that our website has been shown ‘x ’times, ‘x’ number of people have clicked our page and these then give us the percentage.

Well, from now on Google will take into account the CTR, the bounce-back rate and the time users spend on your site.

What does this mean? Simply put, Google will reward websites that have more clicks (higher CTR) and that users invest at least 10 seconds on and do not leave without interacting with it first.

How to improve your CTR?

To increase the CTR on Google we should have in mind:

  • Title
  • Metadescripiton
  • URL

With Seomofo we can visualize how these three aspects should be to optimize the CTR of our website.

The other factors…

I will list below the most important new factors:

  • CTR
  • The second factor that Searchmetrics highlights for us is the text and the importance of entering keywords and ‘synonyms’.
  • The backlinks still are, not surprisingly, very important. Note that Google penalizes websites that receive a lot of links in a short period of time. Rewarded website are those that receive inbound links distributed over the course of time.
  • This point caught my attention. Google has been rectified and will now take more into account the interaction on Facebook over other social networks. After Google’s attempt to turn your not so classy social network into the most important ‘obligating us to use Google +,’ it now has rectified itself and will reward natural interaction of content on social reds, giving more importance to the largest social network: Facebook.

Googe vs Facebook

  • Time of Page
  • Tweets grow in importance in positioning your website.
  • Links not to follow. Google does not believe that all of your backlinks should be followed, so you should seek a balance between your links.
  • Links from newspapers
  • Photos and videos in your text with their respective ALTs
  • Internal structure of your website

With these new changes, especially taking in the importance of CTR, Google will better position pages of higher quality, penalizing those websites that are at the top positions, but only receive clicks from users that spend hardly three seconds on the site.

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