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How to optimize your products on Amazon through SEO

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Today, I am going to talk about how to optimize your products on Amazon through SEO. This is a topic that not too many experts talk about, at least in Spain, because when we hear the word SEO, we instantly associate it with Google or Bing.

Why is Amazon SEO important?

A user searches on Google for different reasons. Maybe he is looking for information about a certain topic, wants to read the latest news about their favorite artist, find information about a particular product or, in the best of the scenarios for our ecommerce, to buy a product. However, everyone is a buyer on Amazon! They aren’t just looking for information about the product; they have the intention of buying it.

The Amazon algorithm: A9

The Amazon algorithm is called A9. It focuses on finding the best products for their users, in other words, A9 will only show those products that are going to make the highest revenue for Amazon.

We then must differentiate ourselves and apply different tactics and tricks to position our products on Amazon always taking into account that A9 was built with a very simple goal: TO SELL PRODUCTS.

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Factors to position products on Amazon

Relevant factors

  • Price

Price is one of the most important factors for Amazon, no doubt about it. Check out your competitors’ pricing to have a good price range that will allow you to be competitive and start selling.

  • Availability

    Products are interesting and worth buying if they are available immediately.

  •  Brand

    Many buyers look for a brand directly; therefore, it is important to input the product’s brand name in the right fields to optimize your products.

  •  Product’s name

    This field would be similar to a title’s tag on a webpage. We should include relevant keywords such as the product’s brand, size or color. Try to make the product’s name similar to how users would search for it on Amazon.

  •  Product’s description

    This field would be similar to the metadescription’s tag on a webpage. It is important for the Amazon algorithm to have an optimized, structured and detailed product description. Bullets are a good way to do it.

  •  Keywords

    Each product should have a maximum of seven keywords.

  •  Categorizing products

    You should categorize your products depending on the users’ search intention. In this way, your products will be more relevant for Amazon.

  •  Images

    You should add high quality images for your products. Amazon recommends 1000x1000px. Products with relevant and high quality images are more likely to be found and bought.

  •  Images name

    This would be similar to ALT tags on the images of a website. You should add the right keywords in this field in order to be found easily.

    Performance factors

  • User reviews

    Positive reviews make your products trustworthy. Better reviews mean bigger sales and therefore better rankings.

  •  Immediate sales

    This is a very obvious factor in your product’s ranking. Amazon does not take into account the total sales number in the long term. It only takes into account the recent sales of a certain product. So, you have to keep your sales up to keep your rankings up.

  •  CTR & CTS

    CTR (Click Through Rate) is a very important factor for Google. However, Amazon also takes CTR and CTS (Click to Sales) into account to rank your products.

  •  Visit average duration

    This KPI says to Amazon if the user did or did not find the product he was looking for or if the product was interesting or not.


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